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Originally all the houses were leasehold with covenants governing matters such as external appearance, usage, noise etc, with the freehold of the entire estate held by Chiswick Quay Freeholds Limited, a company in which all house owners have an equal share. In recent years changes in landlord and tenant legislation have allowed individual owners to become freeholders with obligations broadly similar to those imposed on leaseholders. At present almost all 68 house owners have become freeholders and it is expected that the remaining few will do so in due course.

The common areas remain owned by the freehold company, and the cost of maintaining these is apportioned amongst house owners.

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Houses For Sale / Rent

If you would like to buy or rent a house on the estate, you can search one of the various internet house search sites. The postcode for Ibis Lane is W4 3UP, and the postcode for Chiswick Quay is W4 3UR.